Flex PCB

Available pyralux laminates are Copper thickness (one OR both side) – 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 oz copper. PI dielectric thickness – 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0 mil. Adhesive thickness (For LF & FR laminates) – 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 mil. Substrates– Polyimide: 1 – 3 mil– Epoxy– TeflonCopper

Power Integrity

Basic of Power Integrity you can find here Power integrity or PI is an analysis to check whether the desired voltage and current are met from source to destination. Today, power integrity plays a major role in the success and failure of new electronic products For more Detail

Flex PCB Material and Detail

Flex PCB design require a different approach then rigid PCB Avoid Bending at the Corners. Use Curved Traces Do Not Abruptly Change Trace Widths Use Hatched polygons. Add Pad Support For More Info click here

Component Package information

There are various package in electronics for PCB application there are multiple component ..below link Package info

Through Hole Pads Calculation

Three possible minimum hole sizes: As per IPC 2222 Minimum Hole Size = Maximum Lead Diameter + 0.25mm Minimum Hole Size = Maximum Lead Diameter + 0.20mm Minimum Hole Size = Maximum Lead Diameter + 0.15mm A Minimum Hole Size = 0.55mm + 0.25mm = 0.80mmB Minimum Hole Size = 0.55mm + 0.20mm = 0.75mm C Minimum Hole Size = 0.55mm + 0.15mm […]

PCB Design Technique

Define Your Process See the Schematics design which you receive from hardware Place and rotate all the component See the Power placement and controller placement Decap Placement , oscillator placement Reference Ground , Reference Power Plane Trace Verses Current , voltage verses Plane For more detail Read Next Post Read more

How T o Do PCB trace Calculation

Below are some tools you can see .. https://www.4pcb.com/trace-width-calculator.html https://www.7pcb.com/trace-width-calculator.php https://www.eeweb.com/tools/external-pcb-trace-max-current


A capacitor is physically made up of two conductors and between every two conductors there is some capacitance. The capacitance between any two conductors is basically a measure of their capacity to store charge at the cost of a voltage between them.