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Signal Integrity Problem

Mainly signal integrity problem falls following category Timing EMI Noise Timing is complicated field of study by itself in one clock of cycle a certain no of operation will happen this short time must be divided up and allocated in budget in all a various opretions .some time allocated for gate switching , for propagating […]

what is the high Speed Board

: Most of the electronics product signal integrity effect begin to be important at clock frequency above about 100Mhz or rise time shorter then about 1 ns  this is some time called the high frequency or high speed regime.


Preferred Pad Construction for Class 3 – 0.125/0.125 Surface Mount Technology Recommendations for two traces between 1mm BGA pads are as follows: • Via Pad diameter 0.55mm • Hole callout 0.25mm +0/-0.25mm • Plane anti-pad 0.75mm • Trace width 0.125mm / Space width 0.125mm • Route grid 0.05mm • These designs require 0.5‡ ounce outer […]