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Online PCB Design and Simulation training

we are providing requirement based PCB design training as well as simulation training.

As per requirement we arrange the instructor from industry profession expert in PCB design and Simulation.

PCB Design Module

  1. Any tool
  2. Basic knowldge
  3. Circuit design – symbol creation connection , design flow
  4. Net list generation and e-bom generation
  5. Foot print and library creation
  6. design import and routing
  7. 1 to 2nd layer design
  8. High speed board design
  9. High density board design
  10. Design rule (Electrical and mechanical)
  11. Gerber generation and Gerber review

Signal Integrity Module

  1. Basic of SI
  2. Difference between time and frequency domain
  3. Multiple factor cause for SI
  4. Cross talk
  5. Communication Standards (PCI, SDR ,DDR , Serdes Ethernet , USB etc.)
  6. Stack up and different factor important for SI
  7. how to simulate insertion loss , return loss , TDR
  8. How to plot eye diagram, Bath tub curve
  9. what is equalization technique.
  10. Compliance check
  11. Industry standard (JEDEC, PCIE SIG , IEEE801)

POWER Integrity

  1. Basic of PI
  2. Power tree flow
  3. impedance requirement
  4. Decoupling analysis
  5. IR DROP , Current density , VIa current
  6. PDN analysis

Thermal Analysis

  1. Pre and Post simulation
  2. Measure factor effect the thermal performance
  3. Thermal Resistance
  4. Heat sink
  5. Airflow requirement
  6. Thermal Screw and cooling pipe requirement