BIT rate

Bit Rate – In telecommunications, computing and digital communications, bit rate is the number of bits (1/0) that are conveyed or processed per unit of time. The bit rate is quantified using the bits per second (symbol: “bit/s”), often in conjunction with an SI prefix such as” kilo” (1 kbit/s = 1000 bit/s), “mega” (1 […]

EYE Diagram

Eye Diagram – An eye diagram is used in electrical engineering to get a good idea of signal quality in the digital domain. To generate a waveform analogous to an eye diagram, we can apply infinite persistence to various analog signals a well as to quasi-digital signals such as square wave and pulse as synthesized […]


SAE develops and maintains standards mainly for use in North America vehicle (SAE J551-xx) and component (SAE J1113-xx). 2004/104/EC, which surpassed 95/54 EC, is a European directive for vehicle EMC automotive components follow the directions given in the CISPR 25 document. CISPR 12 deals with “radio disturbance characteristics for the protection of off-board receivers CISPR […]