Relay DC 5V 7A

22 TAX

SPDT(Single Pole Double Throw) relay is used as a switch for high current AC/DC appliances which need to be controlled from a microcontroller or sensor output. 5V PCB Mount Sugar Cube SPDT Relay instead of its small size can switch a load of 7A connected to it. The coil resistance of this relay is 70 ohm whereas the coil current is 70mA. The trigger voltage for this relay is 5V.

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Product Description

Maximum AC load current 7A @ 250/ 10A @ 120V AC
Maximum DC load current 12A @ 120/ 10A @ 24V DC
Trigger Voltage (Voltage across coil) 5V DC
Trigger Current (Nominal current) 70mA
Operating time 10msec
Release time 5msec